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By working with us, we‘ll help you understand which of the gadgets bloggers have the real influence, and we’ll help you konect with them. You will understand the size and demographics of their audience, including where they live, age, education and household salary. Further information will be provided about their writing style (funny or serious), review sentiment (they only submit positive reviews, or some negative ones too) and what they specialise in.

Working with bloggers is about building a relationship with them. We therefore give you additional information about the best gadgets blogs and influencers, including their background and future plans. By using all this information, you can be highly selective in finding the perfect gadgets bloggers and influencers to work with. Those influencers who have registered with us want to work with gadgets brands like yours, which significantly increases your chances of building a relationship with them.

Below is a selection of top gadgets blogs and influencers

Gadgets Blogger at MobileGroove
Germany, Cologne

Gadgets Blogger at Scobleizer
USA, Half Moon Bay

Gadgets Blogger at Best Tablet Review
United States, Tallahassee, FL

Gadgets Blogger at Gear Diary
USA, Eldorado

Gadgets Blogger at Tech65.org

Gadgets Blogger at UMPCPortal
Germany, Bonn

Gadgets Blogger at TechieLobang - News, Tips & Tricks
Singapore, Singapore

Gadgets Blogger at GoMo News
UK, London

Gadgets Blogger at WoM Lanka
Sri Lanka, Colombo

Gadgets Blogger at Techno World
INDIA, Trichur

Gadgets Blogger at All About Symbian

Gadgets Blogger at Abrition
INDIA, New Delhi

Gadgets Blogger at KMP Blog

Gadgets Blogger at PinDigit

Gadgets Blogger at ineedthis
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