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About Adnan Ebrahim

Adnan Ebrahim is a Auto Blogger who specializes in Performance Car News & Reviews

The life behind Car Throttle, Adnan took an interest in “life in the fast lane” from an early age having been numerous times to go-karting tracks in the UK. Since then, he’s dreamed of racing supercars and was quick on the uptake of obtaining his driving license. He has built this automotive haven from the ground up, which now serves around 70k pageviews and has had some of the biggest advertisers in the UK associated with Car Throttle. Adnan wanted to create a different type of car website, drilling down into the automotive industry to focus on a single area: performance cars. He feels that these are the type of cars people enjoy reading about the most and hopes to build a community of like-minded enthusiasts who also share the same interests in car speed and luxury. Favourite cars reviewed: Porsche 996 Turbo, Lamborghini Gallardo and Volkswagen Scirocco

Something not commonly know about Adnan Ebrahim:
Adnan is a passionate internet entrepreneur and Car Throttle is his second startup. His first was an internet marketing weblog which was acquired in December 2008.

Adnan Ebrahim in the press:
- Links from Autoblog, Jalopnik and many more of the web's best blogs and forums. - We are listed on Google News as an authoritative source of automotive content.

Adnan Ebrahim is also the editor of:

About Car Throttle

Car Throttle focuses on performance car news and reviews. The site was launched in January 2009

History of the blog
Founded in January 2009, Car Throttle has since become one of the leading websites for performance car information.

Future plans for the blog
A full redesign of Car Throttle is in the works and as ever, we are working towards the push of more video content.

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