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About Matt Keegan

Matt Keegan is a Auto Blogger who specializes in cars, automotive

Full-time freelancer writer for 10 years. Automotive is my speciality with emphasis on auto trends and industry news. Not a weekend mechanic, choosing to let the guys that know what they're doing to get the job done.

Something not commonly know about Matt Keegan:
Enjoys getting behind the wheel of late model car and putting it through the paces. Prefers a stick shift, summer tires and an engine that roars!

Matt Keegan in the press:
Wisconsin Golfer Magazine, 435 South Magazine, Sam's Club Magazine

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About Auto Trends Magazine

Demographics is new car shoppers and people interested in where the automotive industry is headed. Emphasis on the most popular brands, but all major models are given consideration. The site was launched in April 2008

History of the blog
Launched in April 2008, assuming its current persona as of September 2010. Traffic has tripled in the last year.

Future plans for the blog
More detailed interviews, expert input and niche type articles to be included in the months ahead, steps that should help us continue to draw more readers.

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