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About HybridGuy

HybridGuy is a Auto Blogger who specializes in Hybrid Cars and Electric Vehicles

I have always been interested in the automotive industry as well as Internet marketing. I combined the two when I created Hybrid Kingdom. I currently drive a Toyota Prius and really enjoy introducing hybrids to those who want to learn more.

Something not commonly know about HybridGuy:
I started another company about 10 years, helping businesses with improving their online visibility. This is another passion of mine...teaching others how to harness the power of the Internet in reaching a wider audience.

HybridGuy in the press:
We've been mentioned in the Wall Street Journal and some local newspapers.

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About Hybrid Kingdom

My most popular blog is at http://www.hybridsuv.com which surpassed two million visitors in 2012. This site is widely recognized as the authority on hybrid suvs. The site was launched in September 2007

History of the blog
I started Hybrid Kingdom in 2007, beginning with HybridSUV.com. Over time, I added more blogs and websites to focus on other niches including hybrid cars, hybrid trucks, electric cars, etc.

Future plans for the blog
The hybrid car industry continues to grow every year and the combination of gas and electric energy to power vehicles is evolving. We are adding blogs for niches such as hybrid semi trucks and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

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