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About Motorhead Mama

Motorhead Mama is a Auto Blogger who specializes in Car Culture, with an emphasis on Los Angeles

Ride with me through the swanky parts of LA as I riff on the current state of our upscale car culture and what it means for the rest of the world. I'm a design professional and reformed tv writer/producer.

Something not commonly know about Motorhead Mama:
I've written a thesis about Ancient Japanese literature (cuz that's practical), worked on an Australian beef farm (cuz that's one way to stop being a vegetarian) and been a producer of a hit tv show (cuz that's one way to blow your 20s).

Motorhead Mama in the press:
In my dreams, I've been the featured car commentator on the Jay Leno show. Does that count?

About Motorheadmama

I give a unique car culture perspective without talking about car seats, mini vans or 50 Shades of Grey. I'm a smart ass and proud of it. But my car knowledge and passion is real. Blog series include "Dude, Or Douchebag" and "Drive Bys" & "Only In LA" The site was launched in October 2011

History of the blog
I've been a life long car freak. I was my dad's co-pilot at Ferrari rallies as a kid. I convinced my babysitting client that I'd only watch his 5 kids if he drove my home exclusively in his Pantera. My blog started after my snarky emails about cars went viral and my friends encouraged me to write.

Future plans for the blog
Video content. Junk In The Trunk Investigations. Jose the valet commentator. World Domination.

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