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About Paul

Paul is a Auto Blogger who specializes in Light-hearted automotive stories

My passion for all things automotive started when I was a child in Canada; I used to spend hours in my father's garage where he repaired cars. For the past 7 years I have lived in France, where I got to discover a whole new bunch of cars!

Something not commonly know about Paul:
I single-handedly changed the motor in my 1983 Corsa TR, in my driveway, with just a handful of tools and an engine hoist... and it started on the first try!!!

Paul in the press:
My first blogging experience was with a US automotive blog; unfortunately it only lasted a few months, but it was exciting nonetheless! I am currently doing some automotive writing for an exciting web-based marketing company, and hope that will lead to other opportunities.

Paul is also the editor of:

About The Automotive Attic

While my automotive interests range from old classics to modern machines, I always write about cars that have something special that makes them stand out. The site was launched in June 2013

History of the blog
For years I have had many automotive-related stories rattling around mt head, and I wanted to share. I often stumble across cars in the streets or old pictures I have and feel inspired to write about them!

Future plans for the blog
I just plan on slugging away, I see my readership slowly increasing, and I try to pay attention to which entries attract the most people so that I can provide more stories that people like.

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