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About Tammy Gibson

Tammy Gibson is a Beauty Blogger who specializes in beauty and fashion for busy moms

I am a mom of 2 school aged kids, step-mom of one grown child. I enjoy blogging, going to Barnes & Noble, Girls Night Out with my friends and of course, shopping! Before I was a mom (and blogger), I was an elementary physical education specialist, on the cycling team in college and I've run 2 half-marathons. My athletic days are currently buried deep inside me hoping to see the light of day soon!

Something not commonly know about Tammy Gibson:
I've been sky diving and think it is pretty special! I've organized an annual church event for the Battered Women and Children's shelter that pampers the moms with facials, pedicures, massage and dinner. We also treat them to robes and slippers to take home. That IS really special.

Tammy Gibson in the press:
I`ve been featured in International Cosmetic News, my local paper, LA Times, L`Oreal Paris.com (Beauty Buzz) and most recently am the beauty/fashion contributor to a new TV show, The M Show which is currently being taped.

About A Mom in Red High Heels

Whenever I run product reviews, I include The Mom Value of the product. Whether it`s a multi-tasking product, available at mass retailers, or worth the special splurge on herself, the products need to be valuable to a busy mom. I have a panel of moms that test and write about beauty products for me. This gives a wide variety of moms using products so I think it is more helpful than just my own review everytime. Also, hair is always an issue for busy moms. I work with several different stylists who will do style and color recommendations to any mom who emails in a picture of herself and her current hair needs. It`s a fun feature! The site was launched in September 2007

History of the blog
A Mom in Red High Heels launched in September 2007. As a new mom myself, I felt I needed to make some changes in my beauty and fashion routines to fit my new role as mom. I started A Mom in Red High Heels to address the 3 special needs of moms: lack of time, lack of budget (on herself) and lack of sleep.

Future plans for the blog
As a guest beauty/fashion contributor on The M Show, a new TV show celebrating moms, I hope that A Mom in Red High Heels will be seen as the beauty/fashion resource for moms. One day, after my kids are in school full time, I`d like to write a book based on the content of the blog.

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