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About Lisa Kasanicky

Lisa Kasanicky is a Beauty Blogger who specializes in skincare, bath and body, home spa products, prestige makeup, salon-quality hair products and travel

I am author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Girlfriend Getaways (Alpah, 2009) and founder of Arizona Spa Girls ( I write for local and national publications about spa and beauty, am often cited as an expert source on these subjects and appear regularly on local television.

Something not commonly know about Lisa Kasanicky:
I wrote a book. I'm still in shock. Now, if only I could sell the darn thing (It's really cute! Check it out at!)

Lisa Kasanicky in the press:
I am a regular contributor on ABC's Sonoran Living, a women's lifestyle show that airs in greater Phoenix, and have appeared on all the major networks in Phoenix. I have appeared nationally on ABC News Now and was a guest on Martha Stewart XM Radio. I have been cited as a source in Parenting Magazine, Woman's World, 944 and The Arizona Republic among others. My byline has appeared in Leisure Group Travel, Group Travel Planet, Healing Lifestyles & Spas, AZ and many others. I am an Allure Expert and my photo appears in their promotional ads.

Lisa Kasanicky is also the editor of: : :

About Spa Blah Blah Beauty Blog

The Spa Blah Blah Beauty Blog is not your typical beauty blog. Because of my background as a professional writer and editor, we approach each post as a mini article and cover a product or theme in a way that gives the reader a full picture so they can make an informed purchase decision. We don't just say we like this or that, we give the reader tactile details, prices and retail info. We weave in funny personal anecdotes but stay focused on the product. We cover a wide range of products -- from drugstore brands to spa lines -- to keep with our message that beauty and wellness is accessible at all income levels. The site was launched in April 2006

History of the blog
I started Arizona Spa Girls in 2002 as a yellow-pages type guide (remember those?) to the blooming spa and salon industry in Arizona. The blog, launched in 2006, was a way to communicate on a more personal level with our followers and fans. The Spa Blah Blah Beauty Blog has since grown into a popular component on our comprehensive website.

Future plans for the blog
We plan to continue to add fresh and fun features and product reviews and to spread the good spa word though our expanding social media base.

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