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About Kelly Gould

Kelly Gould is a Beauty Blogger who specializes in beauty

I am a television producer by day, dog therapy non-profit founder on the weekends and a full time beauty enthusiast. I have been sharing my love of makeup and skin care for as long as people have been willing to listen. I don't like to write about things I dislike, I would rather spend my time crafting posts about things I adore, rather than products that left me feeling meh. I love learning about makeup, the ingredients behind the breakthroughs and talking to the pros to find out what works and what is just a glossy front for worthless products.

Something not commonly know about Kelly Gould:
I am a quirky, funny writer who gets that beauty blogging is the new form of advertising and I know how to sell. I also know how to make the most of the products I love. I'm honest, not willing to compromise (I have turned down many more sponsors than I have earned from)and take nice pictures.

Kelly Gould in the press:
I am often featured through interviews and writings I do for my non-profit, Karma Dogs, which is a labor of love. My day job also promotes my blog as a gold standard of why our clients should become involved with blogs. I have also been chosen to assist in exclusive launches for products for major companies because of my passion for their product.

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About Gouldylox Reviews

Gouldylox Reviews chronicles my love of beauty products. GR is a blog that is more than just press releases of the latest shiny pretty things. It has re-occurring, real life characters who make the reader feel invested in reading each post. I take tons of before and after pictures and try to turn my love of beauty products into an ongoing story to share with readers. The site was launched in 05/2009

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