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About Pammy

Pammy is a Beauty Blogger who specializes in Makeup, Skincare, Hair Products hauls and reviews (tips and tricks too)

I am a beauty-blogging product enthusiast who also happens to be a new Mommy, a Speech-Language Pathologist, and lover of all things cute and girlie. I believe that all women are great beauties and that a good beauty routine can amplify the true beauty that lies within. I am a lover of both high end products and great drugstore finds! For me, it is about finding the best and most effective product possible (reguardless of the price). My blog's focus is on Beauty: Makeup, Hair, and Skincare product reviews, tips and tricks, tutorials, shopping ideas, and discount alerts. I believe that my writing content is very strong. I provide very detailed product reviews for my readers. I have a loyal and ever growing group of blog readers and followers. I feel that my voice shines through my writing and that my readers truely feel like they know me and trust my opinion. Sometimes I do gush about the products that I love, lol, I can't help it! As a new Mommy, my beauty routine is such a relaxing part of my day. It is honestly just so fun for me to try out new products! Even though beauty is often about the superficial outer appearance, I am a true beliver in inner beauty!!! I hope that readers of my blog hear a message of positivity in my writing. I want all girls and women to feel good about themselves and be beautiful from the inside out! I want skincare, hair, makeup, and fashion to highlight one's beauty from within! Makeup is transformative (thats why I love it). But, you must have beauty on the inside too! :)

Something not commonly know about Pammy:
I am an optimist!!! People often comment that I smile all the time! :) I am a "glass is half-full" kind of person. I LOVE to write! Blogging has been a wonderful outlet. Besides being a Mommy and blogging about beauty, I am a health and fitness nut too! I enjoy doing charity events to raise money for special needs children. My husband and I participate in the annual Walk for Autism, Relay for Life, and Spin for Kids. Also, I love the color pink and all things girly! :) Also, I have recently co-founded a new Baby/Motherhood/Home/Fashion blog with 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic called Wishful:

Pammy in the press:
Beauty Writer for Groupon, Contributor, Makeup Wars Member, Top Ten Tuesdays Member, Beauty Blog Coalition Member, The Blogazons Member, Metro Atlanta Beauty Bloggers Member, Total Beauty (Blogger Member), Too Faced Blogger of the Month, Beauty Blogs Now Member, Pinterest for Beauty Bloggers Member iFabbo (endorsed), "Shop it To Me" (Trendsetter Blog Listing) Alltop Best Beauty Blogs List, BeautyStat (offical blogger), (Featured Blogger), BeautyLish's (Best Beauty Blogs list), Beauty News Feed (Featured Publisher), Chick Advisor, Blog Catalog Member,, Business 2 Bloggers, Simply Stacie's PR Friendly Blog List

Pammy is also the editor of:,

Pammy also contributes towards:,,, http://superglamne

About Pammy Blogs Beauty

I blog to share my love of "all things beauty" with a modern girl's perspective. I believe all women are great beauties, so one should love oneself and be happy. A good beauty routine can amplify the true beauty that lies within! I have always been a writer at heart. So, I believe that the content of my writing is the strongest feature of my blog. I am very detail oriented and I like to leave my readers with no questions unanswered. I insert my humor and personality into my writing which adds to the conversational tone. My skills in photography and my computer tech skills continue to grow each day. I have a very loyal group of subscribers. They have commented that they specifically like the details that I put into my reviews. I aim to connect with my readers and always try to respond to all their questions and attempts to contact me. :)I think that I have an approachable/informal/conversational tone in my writing that really resonates with my readers and allows them to "connect" with me. The site was launched in September 2010

History of the blog
The site was launched Sept 2010! I have been "lurking" in the beauty-community for over 10 years and finally realized that I had a LOT to contribute with my writing. I have tested and experimented with so many products over the years that I felt it was time to share my knowledge! I am so excited to see my numbers of followers on Google Friend Connect, Twitter, and Facebook growing each day! It is very exciting!!!

Future plans for the blog
I am striving to have the best beauty blog possible! I like to aim high. I aim to expand my readership. I have hopes for future top blog awards and listings! I plan to keep doing what I do best: reviewing makeup, hair, and skincare products. I have a few ongoing features planned for this year: "Desperately Seeking SPF: SPF" review series, "Cover It: Concealer Review Series", in addition to a foundation review series, finding the perfect eye cream, monthly reviews on beauty sample service subscriptions (would love to find more of these!), and many product reviews! When I find a brand I love, I stay loyal! :) I will continue to dabble a bit with YouTube and filming product reviews, beauty/fashion hauls, and favorite products of the month. I love reporting on trends be it makeup, fashion, or hair. I also planning on more giveaways. I would like to add some quizzes, surveys, and Q and A posts with industry pros to make the blog seem more interactive for the readers. I would love to partner with some companies to host giveaways and review items! I would also love to attend blogger events. I have my blog linked to both twitter and facebook. In addition, I am excited to be a part of many beauty networks and top Beauty Blog Listings including Total Beauty (Blogger Member and listed in many beauty categories), BeautyStat (offical blogger), iFabbo (endorsed), AllTop (Beauty), Beauty News Feed (Beauty), ChickAdvisor, Beautylish, Blog Catalog,, and Business 2 Bloggers. In additon, I am a featured blogger on and I am a "Shop It To Me" Trendsetter blog. I strive to make this blog the best that it can be! I look forward to growing my relationships with PR reps, top brands, new innovative or botique brands, and with my fellow bloggers and fashion or beauty sites. Thanks for reading about me!

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