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About Jen Mathews

Jen Mathews is a Beauty Blogger who specializes in cruelty free beauty, hair, skincare, nail and cosmetic reviews

Jen is a beauty product junkie and the Editor-in-Chief/founder of My Beauty Bunny, a cruelty-free beauty blog for stylish ladies and gents who know that they can look fierce without buying products that have been tested on animals. Jen Mathews is a marketing and social media professional who spends way too much time on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.More info at When Jen is not online, you might find her practicing yoga, searching for treasures at flea markets, spending too much money at salons, and speaking to squirrels (she is fluent in Squirrel).

Something not commonly know about Jen Mathews:
Jen is the founder of the Beauty Blog Coalition (300+ members) and is also a founding member of and speaker for iFabbo, the International Fashion And Beauty Bloggers Organization (

Jen Mathews in the press:
My Beauty Bunny was voted's best beauty blog 2011. Also a member of the Beauty Blog Network, Alltop 50, Total Beauty, and Top 50 Beauty Blog (voted by readers). Pagerank 4, Klout 80.

Jen Mathews is also the editor of:

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About My Beauty Bunny

Our target market is mainly college-educated women ages 25-55. We only review cruelty-free beauty products (products do NOT have to be vegan, but they cannot be tested on animals). Ask for our media kit for details. The site was launched in April 2009

History of the blog
I started My Beauty Bunny to combine my love of animals with my passion for all things beauty. Readers' response has been amazing!

Future plans for the blog
I've been featured on HuffPostLive, partnered with Three Custom Color to create my own My Beauty Bunny lipstick, partnered with Leaping Bunny to promote Leaping Bunny-certified products, and partnered with other top beauty bloggers to increase traffic through contests, stumble upon, klout, iFabbo beauty events, etc. Traffic has been increasing by leaps and bounds!

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