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About Katherine Trinh

Katherine Trinh is a Beauty Blogger who specializes in makeup, skincare, style, shopping coupon, blogging and fashion reviews

Katherine is a part time lifestyle blogger with a full time life. She enjoys writing, reading, traveling, animals and nature. In addition to being a member of the beauty industry, Katherine works as a cosmetic scientist.

She is open to working with companies in the beauty, fashion, home, food and travel industry. Her favorite types of work include collaborations with different types of people. She also enjoys testing and reviewing new products.

Something not commonly know about Katherine Trinh:
Katherine dreams about becoming a sports writer among many other things. She would like to become a full time writer, whether it be for a print or online medium. Blogging is definitely a great way to start the journey of a writer.

Katherine loves to do charity work in her free time. She frequently blogs about charities and donation shelters. She organized the Pause for Charity campaign on her blog and hs vowed to donate money to charity whenever possible. More about the Pause for Charity campaign can be seen here: http://www.handmadereviews.net/2011/05/pause-for-charity.html

Katherine Trinh in the press:
Handmade Reviews was nominated by Marie Claire UK for the Best Beauty Feed Award in 2012. Handmade Reviews has since appeared in numerous publications, including a newsletter by celebrity actress Kate Bosworth. For more information on Handmade Reviews' press exposure, please visit http://www.handmadereviews.net/p/press.html

Katherine Trinh is also the editor of:
Beauty Blog Directory; Beauty Blog Society; Attacking Guide; More Coming Soon

Katherine Trinh also contributes towards:
www.typef.com/article/cucumber-dry-skin beautyblogdirectory.blogspot.com www.handmadereviews.net/p/press.html

About Handmade Reviews Beauty and Lifestyle

Handmade Reviews is a US-based lifestyle blog that features tutorials, product reviews, photos, launch news and giveaways. We primarily focus on cosmetics, although we do occasionally cover other topics such as fashion and health. We are a very reader-focused blog and feature weekly blog discussions and giveaway prizes for readers. If you are a reader interested in winning a weekly prize, be sure to look out for Beauty Break Time (BBT) articles published every Wednesday. We highly encourage discussions and respectable, educated debates of controversial topics. Handmade Reviews is written in a very personal, yet professional manner. Product reviews are written professionally while maintaining a sincere, personable tone. The site was launched in May 2010

History of the blog
Handmade Reviews started out as a small, personal outlet for beauty and fashion discussion. It has since grown to become a quality source for product reviews and information. Handmade Reviews started out focusing on both fashion and beauty, then shifted to mostly beauty-related articles, and has recently become a comprehensive lifestyle blog that focuses heavily on beauty, fashion, life, blogging and more.

Future plans for the blog
Handmade Reviews will soon shift focus to beauty and fashion product reviews with a more personal touch. The blog will be updated on a daily basis with a very regular posting schedule. We will continue to provide original content and information for our readers with the very frequent giveaways and discussion panels. Guest posts will also be accepted.

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