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About Ava Roxanne

Ava Roxanne is a Beauty Blogger who specializes in Spa, Travel, Skin Care, Beauty, Luxury, Girlfriend Weekends, Moms,

Spa Travel Gal Ava believes that Spa, Travel and Skin Care Experiences are Not a Luxury, but Essential to a Healthy Body and Mind! She is also a contributor to Working Mother Magazine, Spa Week, CBS News, Exclusive Resorts, Upscale Living Magazine, Spa Travel Gal, Chic Galleria, Betty Confidential, Destinations Travel Magazine and More! Founder of Twitter Hashtag #SkincareSunday

Something not commonly know about Ava Roxanne:
When Spa Travel Gal Ava posts a blog post it is picked up by various content providers like Sulia.com,iVillage, Examiner.com, CBS News, Travelocity's IguUgo, World News and more with a higher potential to go viral. Spa Travel Gal blog feeds, Facebook page, Tweets and other platforms are spread far and wide to all over the world. These topics ALWAYS include my sponsors and advertising clients! You always get more vast exposure from a relationship with Ava than you expect!

Ava Roxanne in the press:
Fox News, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Spa Week, Betty Confidential, and the Atlanta Journal Constitution have recently quoted her concerning skin care, spa, travel, technology, environmental, and various women’s topics. As a travel writer, her articles have appeared in CBS News, Working Mother Magazine, Exclusive Resorts, Upscale Living Magazine, H Magazine, Destinations Travel Magazine, Spa Week, Betty Confidential, Chic Galleria, World News, Examiner and More.

Ava Roxanne is also the editor of:

Ava Roxanne also contributes towards:
CBS, www.SpaWeek.com, www.WorkingMother.com, www.UpscaleLivingMagazine.com, Examiner.com, Sulia.com, www.igougo.com

About Spa Travel Gal

Stats are incomplete month - PR Google Rank 6 how Chic is that! Want KLOUT? Spa Travel Gal is ranked on KLOUT as #1 for Spa Influence, #1 for Skin Care Influence, #2 for Beauty Influence, #16 Travel Influence Sulia Ranks Ava Roxanne/Spa Travel Gal as #2 for Skin Care Influence and also on many other topics. The site was launched in December 2009

History of the blog
Just little thoughts running through my spa gal head!

Future plans for the blog
Ava Roxanne is a regular contributor to Spa Week, Exclusive Resorts, CBS News, Examiner, Working Mother Magazine, Betty Confidential, Chic Galleria and More!

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