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Granby, Canada

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About Kristelle Scott

Kristelle Scott is a Beauty Blogger who specializes in Makeup, Hair, Skincare, Beauty tips

I'm 27 years old and I have always had a passion for all things related to beauty. I'm a part time blogger, but I blog everyday. I used to be an hair stylist and makeup artist a couple of years ago, but I decided to help the family business instead! I'm always ready to try new and limited edition products, which is why I have way more products than a girl can use in a lifetime!

Something not commonly know about Kristelle Scott:
I know a lot about cosmetic making. I used to buy every single ingredient available on the market just to try it and see how it works on my skin and hair. I can read an ingredient list and I'll be able to tell you what each ingredient do in the formula. But don't worry, I'm not afraid of silicones and chemicals. :)

Kristelle Scott in the press:
I'm a GlossyBox Ambassador.

About CrystalCandy Makeup

Most of my reviews are in french, but I translate some of them in english because I have many readers who doesn't speak french. It's much easier to find english reviews for a product than french reviews, which is why I try to write as many reviews as possible. The site was launched in January 2012

History of the blog
I started the blog for fun and now I'm hooked! I post daily, sometimes twice a day.

Future plans for the blog
There's still so much to do! I look forward to growing my relationships with PR representants and new innovative brands.

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