Wendy Pierce

Fashion Blogger
Atlanta, United States

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About Wendy Pierce

Wendy Pierce is a Fashion Blogger who specializes in Fashion, Cosmetics

20 something gal with a passion for fashion and beauty.

Wendy Pierce in the press:
Decadent Luxe has been featured on the press page for www.everylittlecounts.net & Waffles and Falafels (www.wafflestore.com/). I have also been featured on www.medusasmakeup.com to advertise/model eye makeup.

About Decadent Luxe

History of the blog
Decadent Luxe was launched in the Fall of 2007. It was started to review beauty products for others and expanded into a fashion & lifestyle blog. It became more popular in 2008 when other websites came into contact for advertising. Decadent Luxe has had dealings with www.shopflick.com, www.ideeli.com, www.chickdowntown.com, www.shopbop.com, www.perriconemd.com, www.hemgems.com and www.abazias.com.

Future plans for the blog
I plan to gain more readers, advertise more and hopefully earn money.

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