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About Zephyr Basine

Zephyr Basine is a Fashion Blogger who specializes in Fashion for college students.

Since I graduated college in Spring 2009, I am a full time blogger. It's my only job right now, aside from the occasional freelance project. Before that, I was a marketing and business major at a large university in Massachusetts while still blogging in my spare time.

About College Fashion

I think the most unique thing about College Fashion is that we are always reader-focused - we concentrate on answering questions, writing quality content, and helping our readers solve their fashion dilemmas. We listen to what people want and give it to them. We don`t write short, fluff articles. We get in-depth and really include a lot of information in our posts. While there are some other fashion blogs aimed at college students that have popped up in the wake of College Fashion`s success, we will always be the original fashion website for college girls. People know and respect that, which I think is a big reason the site has been so successful as well. The site was launched in March 07

History of the blog
I created College Fashion in March of 2007 because I loved reading fashion blogs but couldn

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