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About Jillian Downer

Jillian Downer is a Fashion Blogger who specializes in Shoes

I am a freelance writer, editor, and student. I am a part-time blogger.

Something not commonly know about Jillian Downer:
I started a business based on a passion that has grown into something no one expected, which I think is pretty cool. I also just finished my first novel, which I am currently pushing for publication.

Jillian Downer in the press:
I was interviewed by the website, Love To Know: http://shoes.lovetoknow.com/Shoe_Trends_Interview_with_Jillian_Downer and did a segment on the ABC news affiliate in Manhattan in February of 2008.

About The Shoe Dish

The Shoe Dish is a website devoted to the love of shoes; shoe fashion, industry news, trendspotting, and the eternal devotion to a girls

History of the blog
The Shoe Dish was a shoe blog founded in May 2006. Initially started for fun and intended for family and friends, it quickly picked up speed. In January of 2008 it became a privately maintained website.

Future plans for the blog
In January of 2009, The Shoe Dish launched a video blog, which includes in-depth coverage of our shoe of the week. Videos run bi-monthly and are hosted by our review correspondent in a taped video post. We are also hard at work on creating an interactive network for shoe lovers to create virtual shoe wardrobes online and an online boutique for purchases.

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