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About Bengt Enrique

Bengt Enrique is a Fashion Blogger who specializes in Fashion

I started the blog when I was 17 years old. At that time, I was only blogging just for fun, but then I LVOE LV started to be more well known and I enjoy writing more and more so I decided to go on full time. Currentl,y I'm 18 years old based in the Philippines. I am in the process of applying for BFA in Fashion Design at either Parsons or at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.

Something not commonly know about Bengt Enrique:
I am a creative person, I have lots of ideas in mind and I love the feeling of being in a creative process. For me, its just wonderful. I think I have a good taste in almost anything, it's just innate for me to know what looks aesthetically pleasing not just for my eyes but for others as well.


The special thing about I LVOE LV is that it`s the only one of its kind in the whole of internet. There is no other blog that is dedicated to Louis Vuitton, other than I LVOE LV. But its not just always about LV. I always make sure to bring in and feature other brands that I love to accommodate a larger the target audience. Also, I write my articles in a way that it tells the reader lots of facts about a certain bag, accessory etc. Not just the superficial and obvious facts but also its background, like what its named after. People want to know more about what they`re interested into, so I make sure I could give it to them.

History of the blog
I LVOE LV was launched last year, June 2008 and I started it because of the fact that I love Louis Vuitton and I`m very interested with the brand. Back then, I know very little about LV and was just starting to learn about fashion as well. But my goal for the blog was not just post photos of some bags, but to write informative posts that would interest anyone who loves Louis Vuitton and fashion in general. At that time, its really hard to get information about a certain LV bag, shoe or accessory other than visiting the LV site, so I thought of making I LVOE LV as an online resource for everything Louis Vuitton. And from there, people started to notice the blog and it gained following in months to come.

Future plans for the blog
In the future, I`m hoping that I could be able to attend press events and fashion shows and write articles based on how I experienced the said events. Its more personal which is what people want to read. I also plan on having giveaways and raffles so more people would be interested.

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