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About Betsy Brown

Betsy Brown is a Fashion Blogger who specializes in High End Fashion and Accessories

I was a Speech and Language therapist years ago. I have a Master's Degree in Speech and Language Therapy. I always had a flair for fashion,trends and pricey items.I wear them and write about them.I write about things that I own or would love to own! My favorite designers are The Row,Chanel,Junya Watanabe,Prada and Lanvin.I love hanging around in Stella McCartney for Adidas.

Something not commonly know about Betsy Brown:
I put together the Shopping and Goodies link exchange between 30 blogs. We publish every week on our individual blogs. I did this with another blogger and combined our blog names, made a logo, and gathered a great group of fashion related blogs.I do all the editing,make sure the links are correct and pick topics. I also write about charities and try to support important causes. I hope to make a difference by publishing this on my blog. September is Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month and every year I dedicate Shopping and Goodies to Thyroid Cancer and raising awareness. I will write about any cause that I find to be worthy.Fashion for a cause is so important to me!

Betsy Brown in the press:
Working with a PR firm to gain press exposure!

Betsy Brown is also the editor of:
Shopping and Goodies

Betsy Brown also contributes towards:
Yes,, Budget Fashionista, Shopping and Info, The Fashionable Housewife and more!

About A Few Goody Gumdrops

It is fun, colorful and easy to read. We review very funky items ranging from clothes, to beauty products to fabulous jewelry. We try to introduce items before they hit the blogs. For example we introduced Current Elliott Jeans, Golden Goose Boots, Katherine Kwei Handbags, Black Poppy Queen Lipgloss/Lipstick and recently Nicholas Kirkwood turquoise platforms! We also review items that are expensive that we think are over the top. One of our posts was called Pet or Shoe? The shoe was a Pierre Hardy shoe that looked like a hairy pet! Another post was called Shoe or Emu? The shoe looked like an Emu rather than a pricey Christian Louboutin Pump! We have fun writing our posts and try to display humor in them by either the title or what we have to say!

History of the blog
The blog was launched almost two years ago and continues to grow everyday. We review high end speciality items. We are also a shopping blog, writing about the latest trends and ever-so-chic items and where to purchase them. We have GREAT Giveaways ranging from a Stuart Weitzman Handbag to Cosa Bella Thongs, a Sydney Evan Bracelet, Katherine Kwei Handbags, a Chi Flat Iron, an LNA Tee to a great pair of distressed high end Current Elliott jeans! We even did a Starbucks Giveaway!We always have a great Giveaway! We write about numerous charities and did a Shopping and Goodies blog exchange about Thyroid Cancer. We also have done some great interviews with fabulous designers!

Future plans for the blog
I have just begun to work with a PR Company. We have begun advertising for clients and doing write ups for companies. We made Signature 9`s 99 Most Stylish and Influential Blogs, Nominated for two Blogger Choice Awards, Guest Blog on top rated Blogs,and do Great Giveaways, all means to increasing traffic.

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