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About Gunnar Haemmerle

Gunnar Haemmerle is a Fashion Blogger who specializes in Street Style

I started because I love to take pictures of people and I am interested in style. At the moment, I make my money through blogging and more and more photo jobs I get in the fashion industry. Besides, my brother and I develop new business ideas for our small company dasKreativ (

Something not commonly know about Gunnar Haemmerle:
I took a diploma in business management and afterwards, I graduated from Munich Film School (HFF). I realized several film projects as director and/ or producer before I started blogging. Last year, I was awarded with the Musikexpress StyleAward in the category media for my work with Styleclicker.

Gunnar Haemmerle in the press:
TV interviews for German stations ProSieben, BR, BR Alpha and MDR / Radio interviews for different stations in Germany / featured in numerous magazines all over the world / many online features about my work


One of the few truly international street style blogs with coverage of cities worldwide. Emphasis on outstanding photographic quality.

History of the blog
Founded at the end of 2006 in Munich together with my brother (who is a software developer) after thinking about cool ideas for the internet. Today THE street style blog in Germany and one of the most established worlwide. Since 2008, I colaborate with Cond

Future plans for the blog
We think about taking in additional photographers to be able to cover more places simultaneously. A monthly newletter is planned (3.200 feed subscribers right now, good potential for a newsletter). Continue efforts in social networking on Facebook & Twitter to gain more readership.

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