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About Nakia Durant

Nakia Durant is a Fashion Blogger who specializes in Fashion, shopping, shoes, trends, giveaways, local events and editorials

Nakia Durant is a inspiring designer who created Vogue & Vintage in May of 2008. Vogue and Vintage was torn from the arms of fashion and thrown into the government world after the economy gave her the finger! She now pours all her love and obsession with fashion into her blog, and column. It's the only outlet which flickers softly until she can return back into the bright lights of her fashion mother!

Something not commonly know about Nakia Durant:
I'm a aspiring designer and I have some industry knowledge. I love to paint and be enveloped in anything art related. I write poetry in my spare time and enjoy drawing and reading the best novels. I love to be exposed to new things and learn as much as possible.

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About Vogue & Vintage

Vogue & Vintage is a platform to share topics about parenting, dressing your minis (kids) and keeping yourself looking chic. The up’s and downs of starting a fashion line on your own and at the end of the day being a FAB and chic stress-free bride. Follow me on my journey through my sparkly life of the ups and down on trying to be the best me and look chic in the process. The home where fashion, pulls-ups and life collide! The site was launched in May 2008

History of the blog
Vogue & Vintage has been running since May 2008. It started out as a looking glass into the fashion industry and morphed into a place to gain insight into the fashion industry. Today the site is a fashion and lifestyle blog that has infused weekly inspiration, with parenting and the latest in fashion industry online and on the runways. We've branched out into a youtube channel in 2011 to showcase the creator of the site in motion. Showcasing lookbooks, DIY and make-up advice.

Future plans for the blog
Vogue & Vintage future plans are to continue to help our viewers and reader who have been with use growing alongside use. They enjoy beautiful images, inspirational thoughts, giveaways and lookbook that showcase how to wear the latest trends. We want to add more kids styles, how-to's and DIY to the blog and channel moving forward. While staying at the front line of sharing info on all the new shopping sites and boutiques.

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