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About Upcycle Diva

Upcycle Diva is a Fashion Blogger who specializes in Sustainable Apparel & Accessory, Recycle and Upcycle

I love to sew, it is my passion. After leaving my full time job in Corporate America I decided to focus on my sewing. In need for cash to invest in my business, I went back to work, for a French Company as an International Sales Administrator. After 18 months I left it was in 2004 and went back into sewing and freelancing my services to other designers while working on my recycle designs. I only started to blog 2 years ago.

Something not commonly know about Upcycle Diva:
I upcycle discarded umbrellas into one of a kind designs. I also used other materials people will say or consider as trash and recycled them into wearable art.

Upcycle Diva in the press:
I have been interviewed and featured on Oprah Magazine, CNN International, CBS, MSNBC, NY1, NYDaily News, France Amerique, German TV ZDF station, Brasil TV R7, Globe & Mail from Canada, a few different blogs, Crain's Business NY, WNYC/NPR, ecouterre, BCAT and other local TV stations.

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About himanerad

The focus is about Recycle and Upcycle discarded items into one-of-a-kind design. I would like to reach more people interested in the recycling process and also to help them view what they consider as trash with different eyes. The site was launched in November 2009

History of the blog
I started in 2009 because I needed it more exposure for my work. I want to reach people from all over and to be connected with other fashion blogger.

Future plans for the blog
I am planning to get better and try to at least write once or twice a week. I am looking and would love to reach more people so I can increase the amount of people reading the blog.

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