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About Jennifer Schall

Jennifer Schall is a Food Blogger

By day, I work in the IT field as a systems analyst and database developer. After work, I spend much of my free time in the kitchen cooking and baking for my family and friends. I have been known to read cookbooks for fun and watch the Food Network for hours upon end. I love experimenting with new recipes and learning new techniques. My Kitchen Addiction is a collection of my thoughts and ideas related to all things food. Enjoy!

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About My Kitchen Addiction

My goal is to help others discover the my love of cooking and baking. Great, homemade food doesn't have to be difficult or complicated. Through my recipes and photography, I make food seem approachable for even the most unexperienced cook! The site was launched in January 2009

History of the blog
My blog started out as a place for me to start keeping track of the recipes coming out of my kitchen. I originally intended for it to simply be an "online recipe book" for my own use. It has since grown to be much more, and I now have a group of regular readers and have made wonderful connections with other bloggers.

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