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About Katie Goodman

Katie Goodman is a Food Blogger

Katie Goodman wholeheartedly believes that part of the goodness in life is enjoying good food with friends and family. As a child, Katie expressed an interest in food and cooking - creating a cake on the kitchen floor at age three, making Mom's chili at eight, and progressing on to preparing family meals in her teen years. Her interest in cooking was born out of the love of delicious foods and shaped by the influence of many family members. Today, learning in the kitchen, eating, trying new recipes, and sharing them with her friends and loved ones are some of Katie's favorite things to do. goodLife {eats} serves as a place for her to share what she finds good in the kitchen and in life.

Katie Goodman in the press:
I do freelance food writing for Craftzine and Paula Deen Online. My portfolio of work can be seen at the following link: Freelance Work
Katie Goodman also contributes towards:
http://www.craftzine.com, http://www.pauladeen.com

About goodLife {eats}

goodLife {eats} is about having a passion for tasty experiences and sharing those with the people you love. A mix of great recipes, family memories, and yummy photography is what you'll discover here. The site was launched in October 2008

History of the blog
Originally my only intention for starting this blog was to archive our family favorite recipes and new recipes we had tried - a fun hobby and creative outlet for me. goodLife {eats} first began as a place to archive some of my favorite recipes and to report back on new dishes and desserts I'd tried. I thought the blog would help keep the recipes organized and easily accessible to our friends and family. Others took interest in goodLife {eats} as well, so here we are! I still write for the same reasons, but now I have the opportunity to share my passion for food with others outside my family.

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