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About Susie Anderson

Susie Anderson is a Food Blogger who specializes in food, restaurants, lifestyle, travel

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About We are not Martha

We are not Martha is written by two friends who decided to start a blog to show people that living a Martha Stewart lifestyle is attainable for everyone. For each of our recipes, we post step-by-step directions and photos, so users can follow along. We let our personalities show through in each and every post and are always genuine about the products and reviews we give. We stay positive by only posting about the things we like. The site was launched in January 2008

History of the blog
We are not Martha started as a place to share the recipes we were making and lifestyle ideas we had. We started it because we found a gap in lifestyle-related blogs for 20-somethings, but quickly found that people of all ages were getting value from our blog. It's grown into a place where we mainly share our own original recipes (with an adapted recipe or two thrown in), our travel experience, restaurant reviews, and our favorite things in terms of products, books, and more.

Future plans for the blog
We will be creating even more innovative recipes, working with brands, and building our relationships with our readers.

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