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About Daniel Tsou

Daniel Tsou is a Gadgets Blogger who specializes in audio and video podcasts

There are aounrd ten bloggers on Tech65.org (also known as the Tech65.org crew), and all of them are volunteers and are not paid. The occupations of the members range from full-time varsity students and National Service Men to consultants and programmers.

Daniel Tsou in the press:
We have been interviewed for an upcoming video for the Singapore International Foundation, as well as appeared a few times on Engadget.

About Tech65.org

Tech65.org's mission is to help consumers in the area of tech. We do that in 2 areas: 1. Educating consumers on how to make the most out of technology as well as helping them decide what's the best gadget for them. 2. Getting people interested in the tech industry and to discuss it. The biggest difference between us and other blogs is that we do that through audio and video podcasts in addition to the occasional writings. Our weekly gadget video show "Gear65" lets consumers view gadgets close up and in HD and lets them decide if that's what they want based on the design and the UI, features. Our audio podcasts 65bits and SimplyGeek discusses Tech news and Tech topics respectively. The site was launched in December 2006

History of the blog
Tech65.org was founded because its founders had a special passion for technology and had a desire to help people with that gift. At that time, most tech blogs in Singapore were either filled with ads or simply repeated news that was found somewhere else. So the founders decided to place an emphasis on creating original content and prioritising editorial integrity. Because it's original founders had experience in public speaking, they decided to do something that wasn't popular in Singapore yet, and that was to start a podcast. 65bits became one of the first tech podcasts in Singapore, and subsequently attracted a lot of attention in Singapore. The launch of Gear65, our weekly HD video show, at the end of 2008 placed Tech65 on the world map thanks to YouTube.

Future plans for the blog
We aim to launch a few more video shows this year, focusing more on tips and tricks on the Mac and Windows platforms, as well as mobile devices, starting with the iPhone.

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