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About Bena Roberts

Bena Roberts is a Gadgets Blogger who specializes in Mobile News, Advertising, Search, iPhone, mobile barcodes

GoMo News is one of the leading mobile news sites, globally. It was founded in 2007 and has since received investment from Ireland's

Something not commonly know about Bena Roberts:
GoMo News editors are well informed, great moderators and give presentations at the Mobile World Congress, Mobile Premier Awards, CTIA etc.

Bena Roberts in the press:
Owner of GoMo News Bena Roberts has been on several German and Austrian TV stations such as ORF 1.

Bena Roberts is also the editor of:

About GoMo News

GoMo News is different. It raises above the daily news to provide concise analysis. We write for a B2B market and have over 12K newsletter subscribers. The site was launched in January 2007

History of the blog
GoMo News was founded by Bena Roberts in 2006 and launched in 2007. It quickly became popular as the runner up to the UK Metro Newspapers - Best Technology Blog UK. It now boasts over 200K page views a month.

Future plans for the blog
GoMo News is growing daily and we are close to securing new investment.

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