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About Best Tablet Review

Best Tablet Review is a Gadgets Blogger who specializes in Everything tablets - tablet PCs, eReaders, MIDs, PMPs, graph

Rob is an art director, blogger, web designer and writer that manages Best Tablet Review as his primary hobby. Coming from a decade in the advertising industry, Rob now has a thriving career in the publishing and digital media industries.

Something not commonly know about Best Tablet Review:
I'm a modest individual who likes to have his work speak for himself.

Best Tablet Review in the press:
We have offered consulting for Harvard Business, been featured in Le Figaro -- France's oldest and 2nd most circulated newspaper -- and been mentioned on hundreds of prominent websites from all over the net.

About Best Tablet Review

Best Tablet Review focuses on the hottest tech gadgets currently out there -- tablets. We cover anything that's flat and has a screen on one side. This includes detailed news, reviews and commentary on Tablet PCs (like the iPad, HP Slate, Notion Ink Adam, etc.), eReaders (like the Kindle, Nook, Skiff and more), graphics tablets, mobile internet devices, personal media players and mobile tablets. BTR is informative and certainly has a unique voice which targets a tech fluent crowd. The site was launched in August 2009

History of the blog
Best Tablet Review launched in August 2009. We looked ahead and predicted that tablet computing would be "the next big thing" and that there were very few websites dedicated to tablet related products. Since then we have established ourselves as one of the leading tablet review, news and commentary sites on the web.

Future plans for the blog
Best Tablet Review will continue to do what it was created for -- gather, source and break upcoming tablet news and compose accurate and unbiased reviews. Already BTR's scoops and commentary have been featured on blogs like Gizmodo, Engadget, Crunchgear, Slashgear, Teleread and hundreds more.

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