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About Chris Christensen

Chris Christensen is a Travel Blogger who specializes in The Best Travel Destinations

I left my day job in January 2010 to focus on consulting, podcasting and blogging including my popular Amateur Traveler podcast. I was the Executive Vice President of Engineering and Operations for a company in Silicon Valley (LiveWorld) that runs online communities for companies like eBay, Marriott, American Express, Campbells, Kimberly Clark, A&E, and Mini Cooper.

Something not commonly know about Chris Christensen:
I can clap with one hand

Chris Christensen in the press:
The press has had this to say about the Amateur Traveler: Men’s Journal says: “One of the 4 best adventure travel podcasts” The Chicago Sun Times included the show in their list of 10 “Best travel sites”. Best Life Magazine named the Amateur Traveler one of the 10 best podcasts on the internet. Nominated for a People's Choice Podcast Award in 2006?, 2007, 2008, 2009. Popular Vote Winner for a Lonely Planet Blog Award 2009 in the Podcasting category. Named by as one of the 10 best looking/most accessible travel blogs on the internet.

Chris Christensen is also the editor of:;;

About Amateur Traveler

The Amateur Traveler gets more than 100,000 downloads a month for the podcast episode. Most audio shows are 30+ minutes in length so that is around 50,000 hours of attention. The site was launched in June 2005

History of the blog
The Amateur Traveler was created in the Summer of 2005 and has grown from the original audio show to include a video show and a popular blog.

Future plans for the blog
The Amateur Traveler will be offering tours, and doing more gadget blogging in 2010.

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