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About Lifecruiser

Lifecruiser is a Travel Blogger who specializes in Travel, Photography, Destination reviews, Hotel reviews, Travel tools,

A very social & friendly couple that loves to travel to experience other places, culture and make new friends. Our photography interest did flame up again wanting to share everything from our trips in articles from 20+ countries: Mostly Europe and North & South America.

Something not commonly know about Lifecruiser:
We sometimes takes photos of other objects than usual tourists. Read more here: Here you can see what others think about us:

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About Lifecruiser Travel Blog

Very honest writing (inside Europe info) about our self experienced trips with the main goal to share & inspire our readers like they all are our personal in real life friends. We've been to several meet up's with other blogger's, making new friends around the world. The site was launched in April 2005

History of the blog
It started in April 2005 with all kind of blog posts, always with a special humor. Then somewhere on the line it transformed to the thing we love the most: travel & travel photos. During the years we have received a lot of recognition and awards which we're very proud of :-)

Future plans for the blog
We will continue to do as much marketing we can to make Lifecruiser Travel in the front line of Travel blogs as a rich source of travel tips & info about Europe destinations, including hotel or hostel reviews. Already within the 100 best travel blogs, we aim to climb even higher.

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