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About Melanie Waldman

Melanie Waldman is a Travel Blogger who specializes in Couples' travel

In June 2008, after thirteen years as a successful custom sculptor and gallery artist, I realized that I was exhausted and needed a wholly different creative outlet. About three days later, combining my passions for travel, writing photography, and, well, passion...I started Travels With Two. I now blog full time and happily, haven't looked back. Travels With Two is a reflection of my own experience as half of a working couple. Here in L.A., my husband Adam works 80-hour+ weeks as owner of an entertainment marketing agency. While I used to put seven-day weeks into my art career, now I blog 10-hour+ days at home and go off on press trips every four weeks or so. Our trips together -- so far, extensive journeys through 18 countries on 3 continents -- are the true embodiment of the TWT motto: "Step away from your work...and get the heck out of dodge."

Something not commonly know about Melanie Waldman:
I (almost always) know the names of plants, animals and fish. I can read/pronounce Greek, Spanish, Italian and Hebrew, even when I don't know what I'm saying. I learned how to ride a bike at age 37, to show my then-5 year-old cousin that with a little focus, anything is possible.

Melanie Waldman in the press:
Nominated for a Lonely Planet Award for Best Themed Blog (4/09) Named one of The Ottawa Citizen's Top 5 Travel Blogs (12/09)

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About Travels With Two

With Travels With Two, my goal is to inspire busy couples to step away from their work...and get the heck out of dodge. I like to say that a couple that takes the time to connect, explore, learn and grow by traveling together, even in small increments, can always keep their romance alive. With humor and an eye for detail, I try to show the beauty of treating couples' travel as a means of plugging into whole new worlds, as well as each other. The site was launched in June 2008

History of the blog
My travels with my husband tend to be full of experience-collecting, learning and roaming; at the end of each trip, I would be flooded with e-mails from friends and family wanting to know all the details. I started Travels With Two in June 2008 as 1) an answer to cutting/pasting long e-mails, 2) a creative outlet and 3) a source of inspiration to many of my non-traveling, overworked friends. Soon, complete strangers were commenting on my posts and e-mailing me directly with questions, and I realized that there are lots of people out there like my husband and I: In our small increments of vacation time, we want to somehow see and experience the whole world, together.

Future plans for the blog
I plan to run a contest to inspire readers to submit their best couples' travel stories, in the hope of compiling a future book.

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